The 28 Page Agency was contracted by Riot Games to create two promotional assets for the release of a new character—Jinx. As a character, she is mischievous and a gleeful trouble maker. The story behind the reveal is told through the voice of the police department. As such, the reveal elements were a wanted poster and a police bulletin board, showing the ever amassing evidence against Jinx.
The Wanted Poster was designed to have an old West look and feel, fitting the "sherif" character who the story was being told by.
The police board was the second element. The challenge was how to create a board that looked interesting and which had many layers and elements which could be studied in detail if need be. Although the final asset was released at a relatively small size, the asset we provided was extremely large, with fine detail at the lowest level.
The original requirement of the project was that every element of the board could be released as its own image. Thus the original sketch needed to have some secondary interest item with each asset. Thus the first image would have keys, while the second would have a whistle, and so forth.
The entire board was first built in 3D, using Luxology's Modo, with the various interest items, such as keys, modeled in an Art Deco style, fitting the faction from which the story was being told.
Here you can see the board corner element as well as the key detail. Even the head of the pin had a specifically built texture, fitting the style of the piece.
Here is the police whistle detail.
Here you can see some hair posted on the board as secondary interest and detail to the assets which were provided by the Riot creative team.
And here you can see two other interest items—a piece of cloth matching the character's outfit design and a stroke of paint, related to her back story of painting the city pink.
These two images were released in the League of Legends forum. They are now also part of the permanent background page for this character.
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