Working under the creative team at Riot Games and specifically the famed Michael 'IronStylus' Maurino, who designed the character, 28 Page Agency was asked to do a series of images representing the journal pages that would ultimately reveal a new character in League of Legends.
Jason Niedle, founder of 28 Page Agency, put together the design for the pages—shown on the left. I then took these and added further depth to the images, added detail, overall color grading and a more illustrated look.
For some elements, such as the stylus shown here, the piece was modeled in Modo, textured and rendered and then composited into the scene. 
The final pages were slowly leaked, in sequence, to the League of Legends forums, creating exitement and word of mouth for the new character, before it's release. The pages now reside in the official page for the character, which can be seen here.
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