For the release of the Zac character in League of Legends, Riot Games contracted the 28 Page Agency to create a series of images, revealing the various laboratory "notes" for an expirament gone wrong that eventually resulted in Zac "the blog" character's creation. Working under the creative team at Riot, Jason Nieldle and I created a series of images to accompany the notes, photo and illustration assets of the expiraments. In order to create an immersive story, each image was started in 3D (using Luxology's Modo software) and then heavily composited in Photoshop.
Each scene was first layed out for best composition and then from there, the 3D elements were modeled, textured and rendered in multiple passes, allowing them to be composited on top of the client provided assets for each image.
Here is a quick animation, giving a quick glimpse into the numerous layers that go into making each image, starting with a background, followed by the placement of each asset, compositing of the 3D rendered elements and then final color grading and painting.
The pages were released, one by one, in the League of Legends forums so as to create exitement for the character's final release. After it's release, the pages now reside on the character's background page in the League of Legends wiki.
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