Nucleus is an exclusive group of Fortune 500 company executives who discuss emerging technologies, companies and investments. Nucleus is powered by POPins—a time-limited social network for corporations to gather informations and opinions from the staff level. 

Tethos was tasked with creating a new brand identity for Nucleus. The process began with a logo that incorporated the POPin "speak bubble", had a nod to the atomic display of a "nucleus" while also hinting at a "secret" or exclusive society.
Due to the exclusive nature of the brand, we chose to never include the full name—"Nucleus." Instead, stationery includes only the logo, done in a copper foil. We also created a wax seal for envelopes.
As the organization creates regular presentations of new technologies, companies and investments, we created a logo "sting" for use at the head and tail of videos. This was done using 3D software, creating a logo that assembles—again referencing the visual presentation of a nucleus.
The final opener can be seen here, with custom music and sound effects.
Membership to Nucleus is exclusive and nothing says this more clearly than the metal membership cards Tethos created. The cards have laser cutting, engraving, gloss ink and more—to create a metal card like no other.
In addition to the metal membership card, we also created business cards for Nucleus. These are "printed" on black paper using copper and black foil.
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