T H E   V I V A   C H O C O L A T E    B O X
An exclusive set of gift card holders, each containing a gold chocolate coin and a dental referral/gift card. Each card holder is themed on a different good luck charm.
A Chocolate box containing 9 different dual card and chocolate holders. Each holder is themed on a good luck charm. A dental gift card is on the left side with a chocolate coin—custom designed with the dental emblem—on the right.
The outside of the box is a showcase for print finishing. It includes an inlayed label that is soft-touch coated, spot gloss printed with 4 different foils, intricately interwoven and then embossed.
A numbered set of inserts were produced, each one foiled with a special message from the copy. As this was a promotional piece to advertise the capabilities of our design and print departments, even the insert was in itself a piece of art.
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